Electronic Shisha e-Coal 3.0


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Please Note: This is a Europear product and comes with a 2 pin standard EU plug. You will need to have an EU to UK plug adaptor to charge this in the UK.

New e-Coal 3.0 is a revolution in shisha smoking, using no coal and instead a battery operated unit heats your shisha and allows you to smoke totally coal free.

You will save a fortune on coal over years and the added benefits of this electronic coal are as follows:

Chemical Free 100% - contains no potassium nitrate or potassium chlorate that can be found in quick igniting coal discs.

Increase in Flavour of up to 80% by using e-coal.

Cost effective - Save hundreds of pounds on coal as you enjoy a cleaner way to smoke.

Heat Stability - e-Coal provides a constant steady heat due to its high density ceramic structure, reaching a temperature of 110 degrees within 3 minutes of turning on. This is 10 degrees hotter than standard hookah coal.

Safety - electronic shisha charcoal is attached on to the stem ash tray and so will not fall on the floor like traditional coal that can cause burns. Electronic coal is a much cleaner and easier to use method of burning shisha tobacco.

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