How do I light natural shisha coals? How about quick light coals?

If you are looking for a clean coal to smoke shisha you should opt for the natural shisha coals. These coals enhance the smoke of the shisha as they are chemical free and often eco friendly as they use materials such as coconut shells. To light you can place them on an electric heating coil to be lighted up quick and fast or alternatively a gas stove. The coals can be placed directly on the electric or gas stove and kept there for three to five minutes. You have to keep the burner on and also keep turning the coal so that they light up evenly on all sides.

After three to five minutes you will find that the shisha charcoal are ready as there is no “black” on the surface. They should be glowing red hot and be covered with a layer of slightly gray ash. The total lighting process takes about 7 minutes. In case you do not own an electric or gas stove you can go for an alternate method of lighting with a shisha charcoal lighter or a proper hookah charcoal heat management system.

For quick light coals you will find that they are much easier and quicker to light than natural charcoal. You simply just need to hold the charcoal with tongs above a lighter or even a match. The charcoal begins to spark and begins smoking when ignited, this is the chemicals being burnt of to light the coal quickly. This lasts for one minute or so. You should be careful and ensure that your hookah tongs do not become overly hot. Once the sparking stops and the charcoal is glowing red hot you can place the coal in the tray of the hookah till a layer of ash covers it. You can now put the coal on your bowl and start smoking. Never start smoking with quick light charcoal if it has not gone red all over and the chemicals have not been burnt off otherwise you get a harsh smoke and inhale some harmful chemicals. Also never light coals with your hands as they become hot fast, always use proper shisha charcoal tongs when handling hookah charcoal.

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