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Nu Hose Disposable Fancy Shisha Hose


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We smoked on these amazing hoses first in California and decided to bring them to the UK as they were very cool disposable hoses, the finest we have found so far. An amazing new hose for you to enjoy and we highly recommend you try one. The Fancy Hose gives the smoker a viable and fine quality alternative to the more expensive washable hoses we have for sale like the Narbish Hose.

One of the keys to the best quality shisha smoking experience is cleanliness and keeping a really clean hose makes the shisha flavour taste so much fresher and more intense. Cleaning and washing a washable hose is time consuming and the Fancy Hose offers you a much easier alternative. These hoseds you can dispose of evrry couple or few months if you wish and get a totally fresh new Fancy Hose to replace the old one. If you are planning a shisha party we highly recommend you buy several of these brilliant hoses.

* Features an extra long plastic stem designed specially to promote excellent air flow.

* Total length of hose extends to 6 feet in length.

* Totally odourless and tasteless hose material which gives you a premium smoking experience, we massively reccomend you try one of these today.

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