Aladin Digg Bowl E366


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The Digg clay shisha bowl by aladin has been specifically designed to maximise on your use of shisha tobacco, a new product from the well respected shisha pipe manufacturing company Aladin. The Aladin Digg shisha bowl is well worth a try. This bowl has an approximate 65mm diameter.
This bowl is designed to save shisha tobacco by burning it all. If you've finished your shisha and found a lot of un-used tobacco at the bottom this is the perfect hookah bowl for you. Made of high quality Clay and come in different colors to match your shisha hose or base
Customise your Hookah and enjoy smoking the tobacco flavour in style.
Approx size:
Depth - 6mm
Top diameter - 65mm 
Width - 70mm
Diameter - 60mm
Height - 75mm

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