This is a simple guide how to set up your shisha pipe adn to care for it.

1. Fill the vase of your shisha pipe with wate. Do not overfill: the water level should be roughly 1-1 1/2 inches above the bottom of the tube from the stem, so that the tube is under water and smoke will be filtered.

2. Place the hookah pipe stem over the vase. Verify it fits securely and is perfectly air tight. We do not want air to be getting inside the pipe from here. A rubber grommet is normally found between the vase and the stem to keep everythign air tight. Place the circular tray on top of the stem to place any charcoal or tongs and at the same time collect any residues from the coals.

3. Next place your clay bowl on to the top of the stem. Another grommet is found here to keep the connection between stem and bowl air tight.

4. Add your shisha hose to the middle of the stem. Again a grommet is found here to keep things air tight. As you can gather, keeping your hookah pipe air tight is vital for a good clean smoke.

5. Check your whole shisha pipe is setup correctly and is air tight by sucking on the hookah hose while your hand is placed on the hookah bowl forming a vacuum. You should feel your hand over the bowl being sucked downwards and bubbles forming in the vase. If this is not occuring, you havent set your water pipe up correctly and somwhere air is getting in. Check all the grommets to make sure they are all securely attached and no air is allowed to enter. Repeat until you do see bubbles forming and a pull on your hand.

6. Finally add your favourite flavor of hookah tobacco into the shisha bowl. Do not pack the molasses in too densely, it needs space to breathe and burn evenly. Also do not overfill the bowl with tobacco to overflow. Make sure you sprinkle the tobacco versus packing it in so that the air flow isn’t restricted. Leave more space in the middle of the bowl so tobacco doesnt restrict the airflow down the stem.

7. Place foil, about twice the size of the bowl, flat and secure over the bowl. Use a tooth pick to punch tiny holes in the foil in a circular fashion. Starting outside and going inwards.

8. Light your favourite hookah charcoal and place over the foiled bowl with use of a pair of tongs.

9. Start smoking from the hookah hose. At beginning take quick short puffs to get the tobacco burning properly. Smoke will fill up in the vase and you will start getting the taste of your shisha tobacco. Every so often move the charcoal around the top of the bowl to burn the tobacco evenly.

If you have any problems setting up your shisha pipe please feel free to contact us with yout problems.