ipsd_logo1Say Kids What Time is It?

Not know, well I tell you it its that time of year again, the earth has been around another lap of the sun and we are back at the 20 February 2010, and yes thats right it is once again International Pipe Smoking Day, hooray yippee and fiddle me fiddle sticks. It is a day when we can all flick a middle finger at the anti smoking toss bags and just join hands in a big revelry of the art of pipe smoking. Somebody Somewhere Is Smoking One !

“I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.”  -Albert Einstein, 1950

Weed of the green field, weed of the wild,
Fostered in freedom, America’s child,
Come in Virginia, come in Havana;
Friend of the universe, sweeter than manna,
Still thou art welcome, rich, fragrant, and ripe,
Pride of the tube-case, delight of the pipe. – Henry James Mellen