Keeping your shisha pipe clean is vital to keeping a decent smoke. Today we will look at how to keep clean a washable shisha hose. These instructions are only for hookah hoses advertised as “washable”, like ourNammor Shisha Hose, as water passing through a non-washable hookah hose will damage the inner lining and can cause corrosion or rusting.

It is also suggested to complete these instructions before you first use a new Nammor Hose to remove any plastic taste.

So here are the indtrucions to clean your shisha hose:

1: Remove the mouthpiece from the hose and fill it up with water to about halfway

2: Add a squeeze of lemon juice, or natural cleaning solution, with the water to remove any unwanted smells and leave a pleasant odour.

3: Now we nees to mix the liquid around to clean everything out. Plug the ends of the shisha hose with your thumb and shake around for a minmum of a minute. Empty the water and repeat untill your happy that the hose is clean

4: To dry the hookah hose so that there is no moisture left. Swing the hose by the middle round in a circle until no water is left. Better to do this outside.

5: Once done blow through the hose to let loose any liquid or dirt thats hanging on. Hang your hose to dry out with both ends pointing downwards.

You should now be ready to use your clean shisha hose on your pipe and get a fresh clean smoke. Happy smoking.